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A companion book to the Complete Daddy Cool DVD box set

Forté Communications, the creators and producers of The Complete Daddy Cool dvd box set, are readying the manuscript and selecting the photos for the companion book to the dvd, to be called The Daddy Cool Story.

Written by highly respected rock journo, Ed Nimmervoll, and featuring dozens of pictures of the band during their heyday, The Daddy Cool Story is based on the actual interviews carried out during the making of the popular documentary film The Daddy Cool Story which is currently screening on Foxtel across Australia. But of course the book will contain far more than we could include in a 90-minute film, so expect more stories, more depth and more extras, if even if you've already seen the film.

Out for Christmas 2009 !

We plan to release the Daddy Cool Story companion book in time for Christmas 2009, and have created this website to provide information, a point of contact and to allow you to pre-order the book to ensure your copy.

To enable you to do that you can register your interest now on our Register Your Interest page ! Go figure, as Ross The Boss would say. The benefits are that we'll reserve a signed copy for you, and you'll buy at a discount.

Get over to that page in a minute and send through your details.

A Signed Copy !

Members of Daddy Cool will sign the limited edition first print run of this great book and you'll have a collectors item to treasure for the rest of your life. Leave it to your kids in your Will !

Discount Pricing !

The pre-registration buyers (you) will also be offered a discount. As we haven't determined the ultimate retail value of this book yet, we can't tell you now how many dollars you'll save, but we give you our guarantee that it will be at least 10% less than the ultimate retail price, just for pre-registering your interest. Fair enough ?

Register Your Interest NOW !

By clicking on
the link, and registering your interest, you will also go into the running to WIN a FREE copy of the book.

Yes, we will give away 10 copies to pre-registered buyers on a lucky draw basis as soon as we are ready to ship. 10 lucky buyers will get their purchase price refunded and their mint condition, signed copy of The Daddy Cool Story in time for Christmas ! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus !